Wednesday, August 11, 2010

National City by the Joiner, Arkansas Junior High School Band #53 on Billboard Hot 100 in May 1960.

Cuz's first wife to whom he was never married because she paid the Pope to annul it was from Joiner. They went to Wilson to school so there was no Joiner Jr. Hi. and no Jr. Hi band.  "The record was made by a group of studio musicians led by arranger Ernie Freeman. 'Joiner, Arkansas' was credited because it was the hometown of the co-owner of Liberty Records, the label on which this record was released." 

Thanks to Ken.


Patty Poo said...

Thank you Virg.... that was awesome!~ I cannot believe it was a Jr. High band. I think Mr. Taylor was just happy when we he a note right! Inspiring. I still get the heebie jeebies when I hear a high school band play a march. ppoo

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to burst everyone's bubble about there not being a Joiner ,Arkansas Junior High School. I attended it.. It was called Shawnee Junior High School.. We did not go to school at Wilson.